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Hey guys!! So I’m going to try and make it a new year resolution to post more often then what I have been posting. Life is just so busy and can get in the way and blogging kind of gets put on the back burner sadly. I haven’t taken the plunge and done the full out blog with ads and what not because I have had a hard time committing  completely but it is goals.

I wanted to share a few products with you guys today because I have been getting asked a lot of questions of where things are from so I want to share some links to those products to help you all in the right direction.

This tiered tray is the number item I get asked about all the time

Tiered Tray  click the highlighted word to the left. If it’s out of stock just check back often because it is always brought back and sometimes they will do some pretty great sales on it. I currently only have two tiers on it which is nice as well that you have that option.




So this little caddy is new but I have been blowing up about where it’s from. You can purchase it on amazon as well here is the link Metal wire caddyit is just perfect for s table top or whatever you want to use it for. I love how the Rae Dunn cocoa pot fits perfect on it!



I also wanted to share with you guys my mug rack because there are so many out there and I run a Rae Dunn Facebook group and I know a lot of the girls like these racks but can never find the right one to put there teapot on so I wanted to give you the link to the one that fits the teapot perfect Mug drying rack this rack is from world market. They do sell black but they don’t have it online but they typically have it in store so I would just check your local store if your looking for black. I do have the decorative wreath under the teapot but even without the wreath it fits perfect! The fresh baked pie sign is also from world market that’s in the background which I know a lot of you farmhouse lovers really like that sign.B43A66E5-EE4B-435A-AC0C-F69378D21777

Well guys these are a few of my most inquired about items so I hope this helps you out a little bit. Bye loves!



Welcome to Our Farm Style

Hey Everyone! Welcome to Our Farm Style Blog! I am so excited to start sharing our home with you guys and all the fun textiles you can add to your farm style no matter what type of house you live in. I will be sharing tutorials, web links, photos of our home as well as where you snag the best deals for your farm style taste. I am looking forward to engaging with my followers so make sure you follow on instagram as well as facebook and you can also follow me on pinterest at the bottom of the blog you can click on the little icon and it will take you to those links to follow.

Today I am sharing a picture of our dining room. I am alaways moving stuff around and finding new homes for things. When we moved in this house was so drab, everything was primed with absolutely no character at all. Within the first week of moving in we added crown molding and shiplap to this room. The only thing we kept is the light fixture. The paint color is mindful grey by Sherwin Williams and the white on the shiplap is called Du Jour by valspar. We have always used that color for our white. the Tobacco basket is from Decor Steals which you can always find things at great prices on their website so make sure you check them out!


Placemats: Homegoods

Table Runner: WorldMarket link below

Link: https://www.worldmarket.com/product/blue+villa+stripe+table+runner.do?sortby=ourPicks&from=Search

Rae Dunn: Marshalls, TJ Maxx, or Homegoods

Herb box: Amazon link below